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Ing. Richard Mrozek

tel: +420-558 623 000


All prices are in US dollars

General informations about offering insect:

We have more than 20 years of experience, cooperating with many collectors and suppliers throughout the world. As we frequent all the main European insect fairs, we have personal contact with many of our clients. From our experience we have learned how to provide good service, welcoming feedback on our product.

All insects are papered, their collecting dates indicated. In some cases, suppliers give only general information concerning location and exact dates. All the information it is possible to retrieve will be provided to you.

We will provide the best quality possible, A1 if not otherwise mentioned.
The quality of insect is contingent upon many factors. There are certain insect groups or certain countries of origin (such as Africa or China generally) from which it is difficult to obtain A1 , fine quality specimens, most notably butterflies. In cases involving problematic species or countries, we will, in order to avoid any misunderstanding, write you exact descriptions of the specimen, focusing on quality. The same situation exists with rare and expensive species. In that case we will send a photo in advance.

Abbreviations used in price list:

M - male
F - female
P - pair


A1   = as good as possible without any defects. Antennae, separated from the head are not considered defective, unless the antenna itself is broken. We take great care to prevent this from happening.

A-    = minor defetcs or little scratches

A2   = worse defects or more scratched specimen

We also use more specific terms, such as nearly A1, good A- , A-/A2 , repaired A2 to express more specific descriptions about quality.

Ordering terms:

We require payment in advance by international money order, bank draft or payment directly to our bank account. Details provided upon request.

The minimum order is $ 50,00.

Send us your order with Latin name and subspecies, sex, locality (if the species comes from two or more different localities) and the number of pieces. We confirm your order and you will receive a pro-forma invoice back as soon as possible.